The Online Test

Talk to the Mirror


The other day, I was playing on the Internet and found a test for determining intuitive skills. While thinking of myself as being intuitive, I immediately clicked on the link for the online test and proceeded through the questions, believing the test would confirm my intuitive abilities.

When I read the last question, I found myself laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes. The question was: Would you rather decide for yourself how intuitive you really are, as opposed to have a test tell you?

This made me stop and think. It is counter-intuitive to look outside of myself for confirmation about something I already believe.

Trust Yourself

We all have talents and gifts. Most of the time we KNOW in our hearts what they are, but we’re hesitant to declare them as facts. Just like I did, we seek other sources — friends, family, spouses, or even online tests to confirm what we already know.

Think about it. What does it matter whether or not someone or something confirms what you already believe about yourself? If you trust yourself, then it’s true. Searching for outside confirmation is only a gremlin of doubt testing you.

Look in the Mirror

I am grateful for this intuitive test and, by the way, I didn’t complete that last question or receive a score. I realized it was unnecessary because I already knew the answer.

We learn life lessons in the oddest moments. This one reminded me that the next time I’m seeking confirmation on something I believe about myself, I should talk to my mirror. Then I can tell myself, “Yes, you are intuitive! And this is why you don’t need someone or something to confirm this:~)

What about you?

I enjoy it when you participate and therefore give you a variety of questions. This doesn’t mean you have to answer all of them. Feel free to answer one, two or more of the following questions:

  • What abilities do you automatically accept and trust about yourself?
  • In what areas of your life do you seek confirmation about your abilities?
  • When is it helpful to use outside sources to confirm an ability you have?
  • How can we help children avoid doubting their abilities?
  • Would you have wanted to answer that last test question? If so, here’s the online test.